Frequently Asked Questions

What is raboo SMART Charging Technology?

It is an automatic battery charging technology that controls the charging, and recharging limits. Currently raboo R&D team has developed Mobile SMART Charger that uses the patent pending SMART Charging technology.

What are the main components of the Technology?

  • Hardware: Proprietary PCB implanted within the casing of the battery charger
  • Software: IOS & Android application that can be downloaded from apple store and google play under the name of raboo charger.

How raboo SMART Charger works?

It is simply download the application, get the smart charger, connect the charger through blue tooth connection with the Mobile Device, adjust charging limits from settings menu in the application and enjoy longer battery lifeā€¦

What is the difference between Li-Ion Battery Protection Circuit (MOSFET) & raboo SMART Charging Technology?

Raboo SMART Charging TechnologyMOSFET
User friendly, with a very easy interface (software/hardware)Factory Pre-set On/Off circuit
Charging / Recharging are adjusted by userIt protects from overcharge / over discharge
It protects from overcharge / over dischargeWhen device is on charger, battery is always taking in voltage therefore a voltage trap should be available within the battery
It controls the On/Off of voltage flow from the sourceBy time battery will lose efficiency even with MOSFET is available
Can be used with any device that uses rechargeable batteryOnly used with high cost batteries, due to higher cost
Can be used with any kind of rechargeable batteriesNot feasible to be used with other kinds of batteries

What is the difference between raboo SMART Charging Technology and Fast Charging?

raboo Smart Charging Technology automatically controls the flow of charge to the battery (On/Off), Fast Charging typically increase the flow of charge to the battery, recent studies show that Fast charging for Li-Ion Battery reduces the life of the battery. While raboo Smart Charger controls the voltage intake in a smart way which increases the life of the battery.