The SMARTEST smart device charger ever created! Intelligent, reliable, and above all adaptable to the needs of its user.

Patent Number 9,954,381




raboo’s state-of-the-art proprietary SMART charging technology has taken device charging to unprecedented levels of innovation. Unlike today’s standard chargers, raboo’s SMART Charger interactively communicates with connected devices via Bluetooth. This prevents damage from trickle charging, over charging and overheating. All of which negatively impact overall battery capacity and longevity.

What’s a Smart phone without a Smart charger?



raboo’s proprietary SMART charging technology incorporates environmentally-friendly elements by vastly improving battery life, allowing users to use their devices longer. This reduces consumption and needs for raw materials used in manufacturing such batteries. Moreover, raboo technology controls voltage levels when charging batteries, minimizing electrical consumption and thereby reducing negative environmental impacts.



raboo’s proprietary SMART charging technology ushers chargers into the ear of IOT by bringing connectivity, data harvesting, and data analytics to Smart device chargers and more. raboo technology can also be incorporated into other battery powered devices such as laptops, wearables, etc. where battery life is crucial to performance.



raboo’s proprietary SMART charging technology has been developed with reliability and quality as primary objectives. Our software has be rigorously tested and we continue to add enhanced features and ensure top notch code quality. In addition, our hardware solutions are built to detailed specifications using high quality components.



raboo CHARGER™ will not overwork your device’s battery. It works by charging the battery to full and once fully charged, it stops. Simple as that. The battery will discharge until it reaches a default (and adjustable) threshold. Once reached, our SMART charging technology starts again until completely charged. Thus, automatically managing the supply of power into your device. Go ahead…Leave your smartphone charging overnight and sleep easy!

Achieve the following goals with raboo:

  • Your battery is always fully charged whenever you need it.
  • The battery lasts longer due to avoidance of trickle charging, over charging and overheating. Hence, prolonged life for your device.
  • Go Green! raboo is better for the environment. No more wasting electricity. raboo reduces CO2 emissions.

So now you can leave your smartphone on charging and sleep peacefully using our raboo CHARGER™.